How to Keep Your Membership in Good Standing

By providing standards, procedures, and education, the DRC helps its members avoid commercial disputes through consultation, mediation, and arbitration services. For the benefit of the produce trade, DRC members agree to conform to the articles, by-laws, and operating rules of the DRC. Each member must agree to submit disputes to arbitration in accordance with the DRC operating rules.

The DRC monitors the produce trade and takes action on any complaints received. All DRC members are required to meet their financial obligations on time. If a member fails to fulfill their financial obligations, the DRC reaches out to them to confirm their capability to meet them.

Per the DRC by-laws, members must respond promptly to all DRC communications and provide any requested information.

In addition to meeting financial obligations, members must continue to meet the following requirements to maintain their DRC membership:

  1. Membership dues must be paid within 60 days of their due date.
  2. Where and when required, members must provide and maintain financial security.
  3. Must meet the conditions stated in the DRC by-laws regarding insolvency, which includes not having gone bankrupt or suspending the payment of debts.
  4. They must only have suspended business operations after fully meeting their financial obligations to the trade.
  5. Must not have failed to comply with any other order or direction of an arbitration or with a mediated and/or arbitration award.

For the protection of its members, the DRC may terminate a member for failing to comply with the above membership requirements.

The DRC has the authority to expel members for a range of reasons. These reasons include members violating DRC articles, by-laws and operating rules or taking other actions that are deemed inappropriate. For instance, if a member is convicted of a criminal act, violates a court order, or refuses to participate in mediation or arbitration with another member, they may be expelled.

If you are unsure about DRC’s operating rules or how your actions may affect your membership, don’t hesitate to contact DRC’s Help Desk.

For more information or for media inquiries, contact: 

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