Informal Dispute Resolution System

  • Informal Mediation is the beginning of the formal DRC procedures.
  • There are certain filing requirements as well as a twenty-one day timeframe within which the parties work towards a resolution.
  • Informal mediation affords both parties with an opportunity to submit a written account of what transpired, along with supporting documentation.
  • Once both disputants have had a chance to contribute, the DRC staff will help them reach an amicable, voluntary settlement.
  • If the parties cannot agree to settle their dispute, a formal mediation or an arbitration option may be elected.
  • Formal Mediation is an option that can be used regardless of the dollar value of the claim.
  • Both parties must agree to use this option and the mediation is carried out by an independent third party mediator that can be selected from a roster maintained by DRC.
  • If the parties do not agree to use formal mediation, or should a mediation not succeed in generating a settlement acceptable to both parties, then either party may proceed with arbitration.
  • Unlike arbitration, all of the details of a formal mediation remain confidential. If a party later defaults on their obligations, the terms of the settlement can be enforced the same as an arbitration award, provided the parties execute a written settlement agreement with the mediator.
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