Your responsibilities and obligations as a new DRC member (or a little refresher if you’re an old hat at being a DRC member)


You’ve just become a new member of DRC and you’re sitting there pondering your obligations and wondering what responsibilities you now have to shoulder. Well let us help you with that. Here are the two most important things to note:

  1. You must follow DRC Trading Standards and DRC Transportation standards unless you have mutually agreed upon other terms.
  2. See number one (and read on to learn where to find them).

How do you ensure you are following DRC Trading Standards and Transportation Standards? Well, you may recall receiving a handy By-Laws and Operating Rules manual that outlines your obligations and responsibilities. The standards are also available for your convenience online under section 4 of our bylaws and operating rules at:

A lot of people come to us not understanding that DRC membership provides rights and responsibilities to which you are bound and by which you must abide. Among those responsibilities are a set of default trading standards and guidelines. You can make a deal with your trading partner but when a problem occurs certain standards apply, for example:

  • When a load arrives you have a responsibility to report a problem in a timely manner (see our previous post on timely notice of a problem) and then either accept the shipment or make a proper rejection
  • You must know when to call for an inspection
  • There are specifics  around accounting for distressed or consigned product

Understanding when there is a problem and dealing with it in the right way is key. Failure to act on these issues when they arise will most likely result in lost money and equally important, the potential loss of a good relationship with your client/supplier. Not notifying the shipper of a problem, not getting an inspection, and not doing your accounting properly, are just a few examples of not following proper procedure and may impact your ability to claim damages.

As an FOB shipper, your main responsibility is to ship product in suitable shipping condition. You must assure that at shipping point the product is loaded in such a way that it will meet the mutually agreed upon quality and condition requirements or DRC Good Arrival Guidelines at destination, assuming transit time and temperatures are normal.

As a transportation company, you have to ensure you pick up the product in a timely manner, that the truck is in sound condition, and that transit time and temperatures are followed according to the contract (BOL), among other responsibilities.

One of the benefits of DRC membership is that you can call the DRC Help Desk with any questions. Our team is here to assist you and our services are available in English, French and Spanish. Prior to a transaction, we can help you do your due diligence and understanding contract terms. During or after a transaction, DRC can help with inspections, reporting damages, proper accounting or any other questions you may have.

For more information please call or email the DRC Help Desk at:

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