Customs Brokers’ peace of mind

Depending on a company’s knowledge of importing or exporting goods, having an in-house expert or outsourcing service for clearing goods across borders is essential. A customs broker provides assurance that the goods to be imported or exported will comply with the necessary documentation and customs declarations. Whether you are just starting your import/export business or don’t have a logistics department, it is a good practice to have a customs broker assist with navigating the complexities of your business’s trade.


Over the years, customs brokers have become more than facilitators when getting commodities across borders. Depending on the level of service required, customs brokers will assist in; collecting, reviewing, and assessing documentation; determining taxes, duties, classifications, and the valuation; submitting declarations and documentation on behalf of the importer; and leveraging their experience to help you grow your business.


Additionally, customs brokers provide educational services that inform importers and exporters how to import into Canada or the USA. These educational services include information on INCOTERMS, CFIA and FDA-regulated goods, the classification of products, and Non-Resident Importers. Pacific Customs Brokers is an example of this and have created an informative learning center with valuable trade resources for businesses, importers, and exporters for this purpose alone;


Customs brokers stay up-to-date with policy and regulatory changes. They are equipped with advanced technology, professional expertise, and customized trade solutions to ensure that every shipment’s managed and declared with compliant practices to minimize the risk of loss or penalties when helping to secure passage through Customs.


In today’s global trade environment, there are a lot of changing and moving pieces that are often too complicated to manage, let alone understand, without the proper tools. However, a Customs Broker’s role is to facilitate cross-border processes and movements efficiently and compliantly to provide businesses with the convenience and freedom to do the things they do best.


Regardless of the industry or trade, customs brokers hold the key to ensuring your easy entry through Customs. Hiring a customs broker makes excellent business sense and will prepare you for the unexpected and provide you with the peace of mind that your business is always protected.

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