Continuous Reefer

It’s getting hot out there! Summer is here and we thought a friendly reminder to double-check transport temperatures and unit modes is in order. Shippers and carriers have a shared responsibility for what happens at shipping point, during loading and releasing the truck.

The hiring party should ensure clear instructions are provided to run units on continuous mode and not stop/start (also called cycle entry). Not only should proper temperature be specified, but be sure to instruct that the reefer remain on continuous mode in order to avoid condensation or heat building up on many high respiration products.

Shippers need to make sure that the product is loaded in such a manner that it would make good arrival or meet contract terms at destination. Depending on the terms of the contract it is the shipper’s or receiver’s responsibility to verify the truck is in proper condition and the reefer is set at the right temperature and mode.

The carrier is responsible for ensuring the truck is in sound condition and for following transport instructions given by the hiring party or following the instructions on the Bill of Lading. If conflicting information exists between the transport instructions and the BOL, or there is missing information, it is the carrier’s responsibility to contact the party who hired them and request instructions. That said, be proactive and ensure temperature and mode are specified.

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