Conditions for Maintaining DRC Membership

The DRC by-laws and operating rules contribute to confidence in the fresh fruit and vegetable trading environment. DRC members subscribe to a common set of trading and transportation standards, and membership responsibilities that promote fair and ethical trading of produce.

There are certain requirements that DRC members must meet to maintain membership in the DRC. These conditions for the maintaining of membership are found in the DRC by-laws and operating rules. The DRC works with its members where difficulties are encountered.

To ensure the viability of the DRC, members must pay their membership fees within sixty (60) days of their due date.

In some cases, members must post or provide financial security to maintain their membership. Failing to provide financial security when required to do so could lead to the termination of that member.

A member must not have become bankrupt, suspended the payment of debts generally, been declared insolvent, or made an arrangement under the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act or made a proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Members must not have made similar arrangements or proposals or sought similar protection under any equivalent statute in the United States, Mexico or another country, province or state.

Suspending the operations of the business without fully meeting its financial obligations or failing to comply with a mediation agreement or arbitration award could also result in termination of membership.

While the DRC works closely with its members to help them trade with confidence, the DRC Board of Directors has the authority to expel any member from the corporation for various reasons. These reasons include violating any provisions of the articles, by-laws, policies or operating rules, carrying out any conduct detrimental to the corporation, neglecting or refusing to submit to mediation and/or arbitration, being convicted of a criminal act for which a pardon has not been granted, or being named in an outstanding court order. Responsibly connected persons and members failing to meet membership qualifications may also be expelled. Members who make false or misleading statements or providing false and misleading information risk expulsion.

These conditions for maintaining membership contributes towards fair trade and confidence in your trading relationships with other DRC members. DRC members encountering any type of difficulties are encouraged to contact the DRC.

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