Can I transfer my DRC membership?

In the produce industry, things move quickly and change occurs frequently. Businesses open, close, amalgamate, change ownership, move, rebrand, or simply (or not so simply) change names. Is your company in the midst of a change? How does this impact your DRC membership? Can you transfer your DRC membership?

In a nutshell, each legal entity requires its own membership and membership is continual until terminated or expelled in accordance with the DRC by-laws and operating rules.  A membership is not transferable from one legal entity to another, however there are some variations and DRC can assist you in determining your unique situation.  In order to ensure your rights and responsibilities remain intact, if you have made, or are going to make, any changes to your business legal or operating status, you have an obligation to contact DRC.

Please remember that it is the DRC members’ obligation to report any changes to the legal and operating status of the business as per DRC by-law No. 1, Section 3.03 Communications and Information. This includes (but is not limited to) dissolutions, bankruptcies and receiverships, as well as any changes to the corporate record including company name, responsibly connected individuals, address, phone, fax and email.

“Updating your record of information is straightforward and does not require much time.  Please call us and we will be happy to walk you through it” stated Dawn Hughes, Member Service Administrator.

For more information please call or email the DRC Help Desk at:

DRC Help Desk | 613-234-0982 | [email protected]

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