Addition of “Commercial Unit” definition to Trading Standards

As DRC expands its jurisdiction beyond North America, it is important to include terms and definitions that DRC Members, DRC Trading Assistance Staff and Arbitrators can use as reference.

Adding the “Commercial Unit” term and definition to our Trading Standards allows DRC Members, Trading Assistance Staff and Arbitrators to look no further than our Trading Standards for guidance.

We consulted with different authorities and found that adding the “Commercial Unit” term and definition does not conflict with DRC Trading Standards, CISG (Contracts for the International Sales of Goods), and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code).

Therefore, the following “Commercial Unit” will be added to DRC Operating Rules – Part 4 – Trading Standards and Related Guidelines Glossary of Terms:

“Commercial Unit – means a single shipment of one or more perishable agricultural commodities tendered for delivery on a single contract. Such commercial unit must be accepted or rejected in its entirety. Acceptance of a commercial unit does not change the parties’ existing contractual rights and responsibilities.”

This addition enters in effect on January 25, 2023.

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