Info Sessions Tour Update: Proposed SFCR Regulations

Things are well underway for DRC’s outreach and education initiative pertaining to DRC’s role within the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). The initiative, including the cross-country tour is intended to help industry navigate the upcoming regulations. DRC continues to actively reach out with a particular emphasis on parties not previously subject to licensing requirements. DRC representatives have travelled from PEI to BC to attend and present at various industry events.

The tour has included a visit to PEI to update potato producers, shippers and packers, participation in CPMA Town Hall meetings, including at the Ontario Food Terminal and several stops in BC. The BC Vegetable Marketing Commission recently hosted DRC for a comprehensive seminar on the fruit and vegetable trade and commerce-related changes to the proposed regulations. The seminar also included an in-depth review of DRC’s comprehensive risk management services including education, mediation and arbitration. The session also touched on DRC member rights and responsibilities, who may file a claim, the most common types of inquiries and consultations addressed by the Help Desk, as well as a review of the DRC complaint process.

We appreciate our members’ support in encouraging trading partners to become informed of the upcoming regulatory changes and to join DRC if they have not done so already. Those impacted by the proposed regulatory changes are encouraged to contact the DRC for additional information or to request a presentation.

New on the DRC website

SFCR education materials, including factsheets and a series of self-assessment guides to assist in determining if one is subject to the regulatory changes or exempt, are available on in English, French, Spanish, Punjabi and Chinese.

The proposed regulations are expected to come into force mid-2018 and info sessions will continue until March 31, 2018. Members of the DRC team are available to attend your event at no cost to you. To inquire about booking a session please contact Anne Fowlie:

DRC Help Desk | 613-234-0982 | [email protected]


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