Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR)

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations came into force January 15, 2019. Although much of the detail found in the regulations concerns food safety and traceability, there are important trade and commerce elements which pertain specifically to buyers and sellers of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Regulations include special requirements for Canadians subject to the Regulations.

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) and Canadian FF&V Dealers

A DRC membership is required to trade fresh fruits and vegetables (i.e.: buy, sell, import, export) unless otherwise excepted. For current members of the DRC, it is business as usual. However, if you are not a member it is important to determine if you require a membership in order to comply with the Regulations.

The DRC has developed a suite of self-assessment tools to assist in determining if you require a DRC membership or if you are exempt from the requirement.

To learn more about Part 6, Division 6, Subdivision C – Trade of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables of the SFCR, including prohibitions and exceptions, refer to the DRC’s SFCR resources or contact the DRC Help Desk.

Complete text of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations may be found at

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