Info Sessions Tour: Proposed SFCR Regulations

Coming to an event near you… Unsure of how the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), may impact you?

The DRC has launched an outreach and education initiative around DRC’s role within the proposed SFCR to help navigate the regulations. DRC is actively reaching out to those subject to the requirements, with a particular emphasis on parties not previously subject to licensing requirements.

It is important to note that there are two important distinctions within the regulations:

  • license pertains to food safety and traceability
  • references to DRC membership pertain to trade and commerce: buy, sell, import, export fresh fruits and vegetables

The DRC’s initiative will focus solely on trade and commerce and the regulatory requirement for a membership. Food safety or traceability questions should be directed to the CFIA, and food safety program questions should be directed to CanadaGAP.

Upcoming Info Session Events:

“We are reaching out to various associations and industry related groups to present to them details on the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, Division 2: Trade of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables” shared Anne Fowlie, DRC Special Projects.

“The info sessions will highlight the distinction between food safety and trade, with a focus on the regulatory requirement for a DRC membership, which provides the authority to buy, sell, import and export fresh fruits and vegetables,” she continued.

Education and outreach materials and factsheets, including a self-assessment guide to assist in determining if one is subject to the regulatory or exempt, will be made available soon on in English, French, Spanish, Punjabi and Chinese.

DRC has already reached out to a wide range of groups already and is currently actively scheduling sessions which will incorporate information on the regulatory requirement as well as membership benefits of DRC. To date, presentations have been made in Québec, PEI and Toronto, with several now scheduled for BC. “We often find that, while many may have heard of the DRC, unless they have used the full range of services they are not aware that membership benefits are extensive, provide significant value and business protection and extend far beyond fulfilling a regulatory requirement,” she concluded.

We appreciate our members’ support in encouraging trading partners to become informed of the upcoming regulatory changes and to join DRC if they have not already.

The proposed regulations are expected to come into force mid-2018 and. info sessions will continue to March 31, 2018. To inquire about booking a session please contact Anne Fowlie:

DRC | 613-234-0982 | [email protected]


Jaime Bustamante, DRC Trading Assistance Manager, presents during a PEI Potato Board meeting in Charlottetown on September 19, 2017


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