CFIA Destination Inspection Service Fees

The CFIA Destination Inspection Services (DIS) is entering its final phase of a three-year process to implement full cost recovery. Accordingly, this third round will see CFIA-DIS increase the overall rate of recovery to 100 percent.

You may recall that last year at this time, the proposed hourly rate was to increase from $145 per hour to $190.  However, over the last year, CFIA-DIS has been studying its business model for DIS and implementing new internal management practices. As a result, these new practices have resulted in CFIA-DIS maintaining service delivery standards and offering new services, all while driving costs down.

There are a few significant and positive changes to the fees that come into effect April 1, 2014:

  • Instead of the previously proposed $190, the new hourly inspection rate will be $171;
  • The call-out fee in the amount of $50 per inspection will no longer be applied.
  • Additional positive changes in fee calculation/administration

We are hopeful that overall effect of these changes will mean that members should see very slight increases, if any, and in some cases, such as for smaller lots, you may actually experience a decrease. Please follow this link ( to view the full notice from CFIA for further enhancements to service delivery. We encourage you to contact your local DIS office to explore these enhancements, so that you can draw maximum benefits from these changes.

And remember, CFIA-DIS inspection certificates are considered prima facie evidence offering members an added level of protection should quality concerns arise. As such, we encourage all our members to think “Fed-First” and call CFIA-DIS (Canada) or USDA-AMS (US) when it comes to your inspection needs.

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