Safe Food for Canadians Regulations entered into Canada Gazette, Part 1

In case you missed the Note from the President Fred Webber, on Friday January 20 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency “CFIA” published the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations in Canada Gazette Part I for a 90 day comment period.  We thank members for their continued support in moving Canada towards a single entity delivery model for dealers and dispute resolution.  The proposed changes under Division 2, sections 25 and 26 will have minimal impact on current DRC members.  The changes will mean some firms not currently holding a DRC membership will have to apply for membership in order to comply with the new regulations.  In other words some of your Canadian suppliers or clients may require a DRC membership once the Regulations are passed in Canada Gazette Part II. As the DRC moves towards a role of service provider to the CFIA, we will remain a neutral industry driven organization overseen by its board of directors and membership.

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