DRC Reveals New Logo

During his speaking notes at CHC Banquet Reception on March 11, 2020 Fred Webber, president of the Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC), revealed new company logo.

“It is extremely fitting we kick this off with you, as CHC was instrumental in bringing the DRC into being, including lending my predecessor, Stephen Whitney, to the effort.

As many of you may know, we started out to unify the 3 NAFTA countries with common trading standards and rules. That was the backstory on the triangle-shaped logo and 3 bursts coming out of it. How many of you remember when DRC was known as the Tri National Corporation?

Since then, though, things have changed and DRC is now the official and formal regulatory dispute resolution body in Canada for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Mexico has not implemented similar licensing and inspection regimes making it difficult for them to fully engage with the US and Canada and we currently have more members in other offshore countries than in Mexico.

In spite of our differences with the US we continue to make progress on levelling the playing field with the US, including projects around inspections, grade standards and food safety.

Recently, the world has opened up and we are opening up along with it by seeking out partners and experts to help level the playing field for you and for them. Harmonizing expectations across oceans and continents is as common today as it has been between the Americas.

Our new logo is inspired by organic shapes found in fruits and vegetables and represents the idea of different parts of our industry coming together. The shapes show a sense of growth and progress, while the color palette is fresh and vibrant, indicative of the fruit and vegetable world. The hues of green-orange-red are suggestive of the traditional ripening process in many of our crops. Our new tag line, Trade With Confidence, is a reflection of our goal to give you the information you need BEFORE entering into new territory.

As I look around the room, I see many familiar faces, but more importantly I see many new faces. If I could ask my staff to raise their hands – please say hello if you don’t know them.

We are here to help, but there is much we can learn from you! Together we can help the industry “Trade With Confidence”!

Ref: WEBBER CHC AGM Banquet Reception Sponsor comments 2020 March 11

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