Self Assessments for Wholesalers & Distributors



A dealer who takes possession of a fresh fruit or vegetable with the intention of reselling it to someone other that the end consumer.

Wholesale Grocer

Any person engaged in the business of purchasing and selling any fruit or vegetable to retail entities delete and copy to wholesalers.


A dealer who takes title of the product without taking physical possession of it for the purposes of reselling it to someone other than the end consumer.


A person can be an individual or an organization, including an association, company and corporation; includes other recognized legal entities such as LLC, partnerships, etc.

Single day

Within a single day.

Previous 12 months

The previous 12 months from the day an activity is conducted that is otherwise prohibited in section 122(2)(b). (i.e.: the date of last transaction)




Require a DRC Membership

I am a person who only purchases, sells, sends or conveys from one province to another or imports or exports less than one metric ton (2 205 lb) of fresh fruits or vegetables per day.


I sell fresh fruits or vegetables that are to be exported or to be sent or conveyed from one province to another.


I purchase fresh fruits or vegetable that are to be imported or to be sent or conveyed from one province to another.


I receive or receive on another person’s behalf any fresh fruit or vegetable that has been imported or sent or conveyed to from one province to another.


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