Produce Industry Asked to Pilot New CFIA Service “Ask CFIA”

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The produce sector has been selected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to participate in the initial launch of a new client service to assist industry in accessing expertise on regulatory requirements called “Ask CFIA”. Our sector is one of five selected to take part in this launch. During this initial launch period, industry is encouraged to use this opportunity to determine the efficacy of the service including use for questions related to labelling, plant health, etc. With the launch of the new  Safe Food for Canadians Regulations expected in the coming months, this new service is poised to support implementation by providing a source for expert input.  Since this initial launch will function as a pilot of the service, please share with us your experience and feedback using this new service.

Two documents are available to guide your use of “Ask CFIA”:

‘Ask CFIA’ – Industry access to answers

‘Ask CFIA’ – Industry User Experience

  • Outlines the four main steps in your “Question Journey
    Step 1 – Industry reviews the CFIA website to find information on regulatory requirements
    Step 2 – Industry fills in the contact us form to ‘Ask CFIA’ a question when you can’t find what you need on the CFIA website
    Step 3 – CFIA reviews the question; issues an enquiry ID number
    Step 4 – CFIA sends a final written response via email.
    (The amount of time it takes to complete your “Question Journey” may vary depending on the level of complexity of your question.)
    This document is available as follows:
    ‘Ask CFIA’ Industry User Experience

Source: CPMA Member Bulletin

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