Stolen loads


Curbing theft is an industry-wide responsibility. The best way to put a stop to stolen loads is to shine a light on the issue. The two most important things you can do in the event of a stolen load are:

  1. Call the authorities and report the load stolen
  2. Call your local and national trade associations and report the theft

Be sure to ask the authorities to release the details so that information about the incident may be shared.  It is not unusual in our industry for a load to be rejected for a multitude of reasons. Frequently, you may see someone else’s name on a bill of lading.  Do your part to help curb theft and take a moment to call the shipper to confirm the authenticity of the load. It only takes a brief phone call to the shipper to help head off a stolen load. Stolen loads do not help anyone in our industry. A shippers label on a stolen load may harm reputations, do your part and ensure the legitimacy of the load.