Q & A: Dispute with non-members


Q. I am a DRC member, what happens when I have a dispute with a company that is not a DRC member?

A: DRC members are expected to abide by certain rules and responsibilities and when a dispute occurs between members, we are here to help. Unless your trading partner is a DRC member, we may be limited in the assistance we can provide. Should a dispute occur between a DRC member and a non-member, we may be able to assist if the non-member signs a voluntary arbitration agreement that will bind them to a final decision by an arbitrator if necessary.

If the non-member signs the voluntary agreement, one of two steps needs to occur. The non-member needs to join DRC or, alternatively, pay a set fee. Once one of the two steps is completed, it is treated as if both parties are DRC members and the dispute process should move forward as normal.

In the absence of a signed voluntary arbitration agreement, because one party is not a DRC member, the option of litigation is a strong possibility. We would like to remind all DRC members to encourage trading partners to join DRC.

For more information please call or email the DRC Help Desk at:

DRC Help Desk | 613-234-0982 | Info@fvdrc.com